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European Open 2018 - Online Entry

Thank you for your interest in the European Open 2018.

Entering should be a simple 3 step process:-

  1. Complete online entry (you can enter multiple paddlers on one entry)
  2. Receive provisional entry email
  3. Pay via bank transfer using the details provided in your provisional entry email
  4. Turn up on the day with your booking reference and enjoy :-)

It is essential that you use a valid, working email address so that we can send you your provisional entry email. Your provisional entry email should be be received within a couple of hours of entering. If you do not receive it within a couple of hours please get in touch with us ( rather than entering again.

Online booking closes at the end of the day Tuesday 28th August 2018.

Please remember that you will not be able to pick up your bib on the day without leaving a £20 bib deposit. Bib deposits must be left in cash and will be returned once you return your bib at the end of the event. Please make sure that you have the correct amount of cash with you at registration to collect all of the bibs in your booking. We cannot accept passports, drivers licenses, bank cards or anything other than cash as a bib deposit.

Booker Details

We need to know who the main contact for the booking will be. This doesn't need to be a paddler. Booking confirmation and payment details will be sent to the 'Booker Email'. Please ensure this is a valid email address. If there are any issues with your booking or payment we may use the 'Booker Email' or 'Booker Phone No.' number to get in touch with you.

Paddler Details


We know nobody likes answering some of these questions but the long and short of it is that if we collect good participation information we are more likely to be able to apply for the grants and funding that will help us to support the development of freestyle kayaking in the future. We're not going to sell your data to anyone or use it in any kind of identifiable way but just so you are completely clear you can read our privacy policy, including links to the British Canoeing privacy policy, here.

If you really don't want us to use this information, anonymously to the benefit of freestyle kayaking, please opt out by checking this box .

Event Entries

The event is £45 regardless of what you enter.

Event Category When Enter
K1 Saturday 1st September 2018
C1 Saturday 1st September 2018
Boater X
Open Sunday 2nd September 2018
Squirt Saturday 1st September 2018


Please check over the details you've entered above and if you are happy with them click 'Confirm Paddler'.

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